Face Yoga in your daily routine: 5 + 1 reasons to adopt it.

Our head, as part of our body, is the transmitter of communication and response with our environment. Our four out of five senses are there: as well as our brain being the “data collection and decision center” and important part of our central nervous system. The rat race, the speed of information, the continuous exposure to it, lead to responses instinctive, unintentional and repetitive. Through Face Yoga we step back, we observe, we analyze and try to improve our behavior wherever needed, showing our self-love and respect. Let’s see some important benefits:

Filtering of our daily habits. The most vital change will be the filtering of our daily routine: how we sleep, sit, eat, drink, how we use each side of our body when carry weight, work, exercise etc. Whatever we do, is “written” to our face and body, especially if we talk about repetitive habits; why we usually sleep at one side, why chewing at one side, why one side of our face looks more vivid and toned. By looking for the deep reason we can find the correct solution for the issues we face.

Improvement of our body posture. Our posture plays a decisive role in the total body physiology and health, no matter if we are standing or sitting. For people with occupations connected to sedentary lifestyle, pain in low and middle back, spine and hands are usual. Moreover, due to extensive screen use, problems related with the back of the neck and the tech – neck syndrome, are quite often. Even those with more active lifestyle face problems in their back related to their posture. A good posture is far more than keeping our shoulders back. It is essential the whole body, from head to toes, to remain in a physical alignment and our weight to balance equally at both sides. Through face yoga we primarily learn how to set our body in harmony with our center and to correct it whenever needed. This is the foundation for every exercise which after some practice become part of our routine, which is our goal.

Improvement of our face posture. Our face posture, which is interconnected to that of the body, plays important role to the total face condition; by having the habit of bending our head forward to the screen of our smartphone, laptop or tablet, the whole facial muscular system is pulled down together with the skin layer. In parallel the high speed of our routine has its effect on our face in terms of tension, blockages and wrinkles, far beyond that of expression lines. In our face, alike our body, exercise alone is not enough to counterbalance this negative trend. With Face Yoga we learn how to keep our head and facial muscles in a neutral position and how to stretch and release tension in our daily routine. It is only when this is incorporated in our daily program as a form of habit, that we see the real difference in our face which looks more vivid and toned regardless our facial exercising routine.

Stress management. Stress is the most common reason for the majority of psychological and pathological issues that many people face, while it’s handling and management remains a matter of common priority. Face yoga constitutes a holistic approach of breathing, pressing, exercising and massage techniques with primary goal the release of tension and the detoxification. Incorporating face yoga in our daily program, gives us the opportunity to be in touch with our center and let out all the stressful vibes on the spot. This helps us to preserve our focus and self-control, stay away from headaches and tensions, improves the quality of communication with our environment and ourselves, as well as the quality of our sleep.

Improvement in the muscular condition and the micro circulation of blood and nutrients. The good condition of our facial muscular system is interconnected to our health. In terms of activity, there are two types of muscles in that area: the lazy and the overworking ones. For example, the eyes area is shrunk through expressions and our optical view is limited to that of the pc, laptop or mobile screen with negative results in the eyes muscular tone (they are getting smaller) and our eyesight. With face yoga we have the opportunity to get in contact with our face inside out, to balance the use of muscles through expressions, so as to relax the overworking muscles and to tone the lazy ones. This is more a matter of health than aesthetics. The face health is boosted in a natural way: blood and nutrients circulation is improved inside out across all layers, from the skull to the skin, together with lymph flow and blockages as well as puffiness are released.

Connection with our self, improvement of our psychology. Face Yoga as a method is based on self-retreat; it is applied to ourselves by us under the guidance of an expert. Under this perception, the more we observe, connect and get in touch with our inner and surface facial operations, the more our expectations for self-improvement are met. We become self- healers, using a special tool; our own hands which are there to treat and heal every blockage and tension. Thus, the change is happening not only in our appearance and physiology but the most important; in our psychology and our self-confidence.

Introducing face yoga in our lives, we introduce a valuable practice that help us be in balance. The most important is that can fit to any daily routine, no matter how demanding is, even with some minutes per day we can feel and see the difference in our appearance.