An "A" to "Z" session

  • The below exercises are indicative. It is suggested to be practiced under the supervision of an expert.

  • An other priority is the hydration of the skin (cream / oil), so each exercise and massage technique to be done smoothly over the skin, leaving only positive effects.
  • 01
    • Align with your environment, breathe with ease, concentrate to inhale oxygen and energy, to dig out toxins with exhalation
    • Easily do your breathing: stretching out (inhalation) and in (exhalation)
    • Navigate and operate each muscle individually, do the poses for each one to get it qualified for a real situation.
    • Give flow to the muscle’s move. Train them to unlock blockages, be their best version and work in harmony together.
    Relax, touch, massage. Your face feels xenius and vivid, like youth in it’s zenith.