Face Yoga aka Natural Botox: Answers to 5+1 hot questions

Face Yoga is here to stay. After its success in Japan, USA and England is now expanding into Europe and Asia, representing a new trend for a holistic beauty approach, with a focus on the inside balance coming out to the surface layers. Below, they are answers to 6 hot questions.

Is this a new method?

Although Face Yoga has gained popularity the recent years, as a method is not new; it has well established roots coming from past centuries of Eastern practices, in Japan, China and India, where we can find elements that constitute its core.

Does title “Natural Botox” stand to reason?

The truth is that this title is partially correct; indeed, it is far more than that, it is a bundle of therapies. Keeping a routine of even few minutes per day, gave us the opportunity to relax and tone our face and neck energetically (through exercises) and pathetically (through massage and acupressure). By this way, we can prevent and soften wrinkles, improve the oval and face shape, the skin appearance and quality, as well as our connection with our own face.

What is the content?

It is a completely natural method of yoga breathing techniques, together with exercises, massage and acupressure. Besides, it is a self-treatment method as it is practiced by us under supervision of an expert.

For whom?

Face Yoga refers to everyone; There are no barriers of age or sex. If you breath, express, speak and eat, you can do it. And, alike exercise for the body, the earlier you put it to your routine, the more are the benefits, by building healthy habits and a holistic approach for the face and its connection with the rest of the body; the expressions are even, as well as the face and body posture.

Face Yoga is here to help you that you are having a stressful routine, either having sedentary lifestyle or not. It is also here for you that you want to relax and soften sensitive areas, as long as toning the less strong and improve the overall appearance and posture.

Face Yoga is here to help you that you are seeing expression lines became more obvious and you want to tone your face. It is also here for you that you have been through botox therapy and you want to balance the tension that is removed to other areas of the face, by toning them. As well as for you that you have done fillers and you are keen on working with the inside layers of your face. It is recommended and for you that you have done lifting or thread lifting, after the resting period, in order to support and reinforce the result by strengthening the muscles and improving the total skin condition.

Face Yoga is for you that you are recovering from a stroke or a surgery and you need to restart and reestablish the operation and expression of certain face areas or the whole facial system. The same for you, you are experiencing, spasms issues, this method can help you supplementally to the medical treatment.

But mainly it is here for you that you have very little free time and you want to devote some of it in order to tone your face and your self-confidence!

Why we need it?

For the same reasons that we need exercise for the body and even more. The fact is that in our face there is a large number of muscles, more than 30%, as well as the 4 out of our 5 senses, which put an extra pressure and tension to this area given its relative size.

So, relaxing muscles and returning them to their normal position is more than necessary. On the same time there are areas in the face that are hypotonic, resting with no special movement, and need to get toned and balanced.

What to expect in our face?

Through Face Yoga we get multiple direct and indirect benefits.


We attain consciousness of the move and the operation of different areas and muscles in our face. This is the foundation in order to use each area the correct way individually and collectively. Even in cases of mimics or unintentional expressions face yoga can work as a catalyst.

We relax hyper working areas whereas toning those that are hypotonic, reinforcing by this way the symmetry and the balance of the face.

By gaining knowledge of the unhealthy patterns that we used to have in our body and face, we take action in order to correct them and we undertake healthy habits.

We improve the face and body posture.

The view and quality of our skin is refined. Through the increased blood circulation caused by exercises and massage techniques, the blood and nutrients volume and absorption are advanced, giving a push to the rejuvenating process and the collagen and elastin production as well. In parallel the boost in muscles tone gives an extra push to the skin condition.

We learn how to breath correctly, helping not only the face but also the body to oxygenate effectively, to relax and to get a focused activation.


Through this process we gain understanding about how the environment affects our feelings and emotions, the way they are expressed in our face and all the already written signs. This creates an awakening and a deep connection with our inner layers of consciousness in order to act proactively and protect our face.

We are reducing stress tension from the face, which is great to calm the nervous system and therefore the mind too.

Even few minutes during the day are enough for self-care and self-treatment, positive side effects to our psychology and our self-confidence.

We build a true relationship with our image and our face and we learn to appreciate and love it at any phase and age.