Improve your eyesight: 4 exercises for your eyes in less than 4’!

They are the “apple of your eyes”, do you treat them as such? They give us a unique sense to connect with the external world. Doing that, they are affected by the conditions of our micro environment such as:

  • extended screen use
  • exposure to blue light
  • limitation of vision range
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • use of mask together with eyeglasses or contact lenses etc.

and our macro environment as well:

  • ultraviolet radiation (UVA, UVB)  
  • air pollution etc. 

According to the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, 1,1 billion of people in the world are facing issues with their sort or long vision, issues that could have been prevented or corrected by taking the appropriate actions. This applies to the elderly, also the young people and children as well. The projections are for a more than 50% increase of such population by 2050, resulting to a 1,7 billion respectively. *

Stick to our yearly check up with our ophthalmologist is essential, but also devoting even some minutes during the day, for toning and relaxing them, is an approach of vital importance.

Watch the videos below and see how you can upgrade the level of your eyes vision and mobility.

  1. Eyes Exercise : this exercise improves all aspects of your vision perception (near – far and all directions focusing)

  1. Eyes & Eyelids Exercise : this exercise improves all aspects of your vision perception (near – far and all directions focusing) as well as the strengthening of eyes & eyelids muscular tone

  1. Eyes Acupressure : by using acupressure techniques, we calm and relax the eye area

Of course, we do not forget to moderate and balance the blood and intraocular fluid circulation, maintaining by this way the intraocular pressure. Follow the steps below:

  1. Eyes relaxation exercise:
  • close your eyelids
  • inhale through the nose and let the eyeballs stretch to all directions (up, down, right, left)
  • keep the stretch for 1’’ – 2’’
  • exhale through the nose while returning to the original position
  • repeat 3 – 5 times each turn
  • exercise duration 30’’ – 50’’

Our eyes are “our precious” so we need to handle them as such. Keeping that in mind and acquiring a proactive routine is the best way to do that!