Why Face yoga

Our face, like our body, needs exercise and correct posture to be healthy and functional.
  • We use our face on a daily basis in various cases: to speak, express, bite, kiss, sing etc. But first and foremost for our primary needs : we use our eyes to see, our nose to breath and smell, our ears to hear, our mouth to taste and drink etc. So, it becomes initiator of actions and receiver of reactions which put their marks on it.
  • Our face, alike our body, needs exercise and good posture in order to be healthy and in shape. In our face, alike our body, there are overworking muscles that need to get relaxed and lazy muscles that need to strengthen in order to keep a balance and harmony in posture and expressions.
  • In the face, as well as in the body, there are muscles that overwork and need relaxation and others that need strengthening and all this to maintain primarily a balance and a harmonious posture.
  • Through face yoga, I learn my face by my face inside out, not only epidermically, but also expressionally and behaviorally. I get in better contact and communication in order to improve it and love it more.