Face yoga
what does it include


Everything starts with a nice breath. For yoga philosophy in general, breathing is the principle for focus, balance of the energy flow and communication between “subtle” and “surface” layers of ourselves.


The beauty comes from inside in real meaning. Like a well trained body is toned and strong, the case is the same for the face and neck. The good news are that face and neck muscles are much smaller and easily shaped, so the exercise results are seen much sooner. Thus, they are located near under the surface of our skin, so the more they are trained the more our skin looks naturally toned, the wrinkles are smoothened and elasticity is improved..


Massage is an essential part of each complete beauty protocol. The benefits are multiple: blood circulation is increased, giving force to the regenerating process, to the collagen and elastin production, necessary elements for a good skin quality. Also lymph flow is improved, toxins and puffiness are going away, tension is relaxed, wrinkles are faded out and face shape is refined. Massage signifies a practice of love and acceptance. Especially when exercised to our face from our own hands, it is the ultimate personal gain.


It is an ancient method with roots from China. The practice consists of pressure exercise to specific points which act as energy flow centers. The benefits are the smooth flow of the energy and subsequently the relaxation and strengthening of the muscle system wherever needed. It is more commonly applied through fingers.