Can I do
Face yoga

If you breathe, express yourself, speak, then you can do FACE YOGA.
  • There are no age limits, no matter your age you can always get benefits from this holistic method. There are no limits in terms of sex, as everyone, men, women and kids has a muscle system which needs to be toned, balanced and relaxed.
  • I have done a plastic surgery or thread lift, can I do? You not only can do it, but you have to do it. Plastic surges recommend to do exercising in order to keep the balance in the treated areas. They agree that facial exercises can improve the facial muscles and relax the tension coming from stress.
  • I have done botox, can I do? Not only you can do it, but you have to do it. Areas where botox is injected, are frozen with no muscle contraction. Thus, the rest muscle areas that bear the burden of expressions need to get trained properly in order to work with balance.
  • I have done fillers, can I do? Not only you can do it, but you have to do it. Fillers have covered the surface: wrinkles and fine lines that are above the muscle system. All the muscle area below, can be trained with no problem.
  • I have limited time, can I do? Yes, of course you can! Face Yoga routine is flexy, you can apply it to your program, even for some minutes during the day! What is just needed is discipline and self commitment for a new beneficial habit!
  • To sum up, Face Yoga is for everyone who wants to learn how face works inside out in order to understand the muscles operations, to balance and control the expressions, to tone the characteristics and face contour, to improve skin quality, to prevent and soften fine lines and wrinkles, to keep their face vivid, expressive and healthy at any phase and age.