Face Yoga and Stretching; Setting the foundation of a successful wellness and antiaging plan!

“Let’s stretch now…” This sound familiar to anyone of us who has followed a structured body workout program. This tends to be our favorite part, as we release all the tension and we let the blockages out. In these moments we realize how important is to let our bodies free to roll out and the energy to flow without limitations.

Our face respectively, has the need of regular stretching; it is the sensory center of our body, the base of operations for most of our vital senses (vision, smell, hearing, taste), where our thoughts and our feelings are depicted. Through this consecutive movement, contractions are created with direction to the inner and lower part of our face, contractions that close the face and put constraints to the expression range. Moreover, in this area, the muscles are small, so the tension which is not released, is accumulated to wrinkles and expression lines.

The need for stretching is vital for all the faces, regardless the anatomy and the special needs of each facial type. It is the baseline, the cornerstone, in order to be able and work with the muscular strengthening and the characteristics toning afterwards. Exercising strengthening workouts without previous stretching preparation, result in more tension and contractions. Besides, a successful antiaging program begins with a targeted passive (through massage) or active stretching program (through exercises). When passive and active approach are combined, the results are well rounded and long-lasting.

Stretching techniques help us to achieve:

  •          The release of stress and tension throughout our face
  •          The improvement of lymph, blood, oxygen and nutrients flow
  •          The widening of the muscle’s motion for a more balanced expression in our everyday operations
  •          The clearance of imbalance from the outer part of our body to the inner, aiming the autonomous nervous system to get in harmony

Below are presented some useful techniques, a massage and two exercises. If exercised regularly, they can make the difference in our face and in our overall appearance.

  1. Stretching massage; with slow and firm movements, we massage the face from the neck to the oval and let the muscles return to their natural position. We also include the temples, a muscle that plays a key role for the support of not only the hair area but also of the face as a whole.

  1. The “Big O” exercise. This is the superstar of facial exercises as it engages and stretches the majority of the muscles from the oval to the top.

  1. The “Α” exercise. This is another important exercise, that stimulates the side opening of the face and challenges the stretching movement as an offset to the natural tendency to the inwards motion.  

Incorporate some stretching in your facial daily routine and give to your face and your appearance the rejuvenation and physical health that needs!